Their music seamlessly weaves together the best parts of electronica and rock and roll. This musical collage contains powerful musicality, ethereal instrumentation and mesmerizing lyricism. The moment you hear their music you get lost inside of it, and find parts of yourself, somewhere in there.


Their music is a deep well that comes straight from the basement of MacLean’s soul. Their music doesn’t follow the rules and celebrates its authenticity gracefully. Think of the playful experimentation of the Dirty Projectors meets the electronic edge of LCD Soundsystem. 

Much like James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, MacLean’s lyrics come from the shackles of darkness and are delivered in a profoundly cathartic manor. It is clear that MacLean lives and breathes his craft, it rattles through his veins. He is one of those people that can’t not make music, and we are so lucky that he does. 

The band released their self-titled debut album in 2017 which garnered them an impressive following and various accolades. Their stunning music video for the single “Brick by Brick” went viral after two days of being released and the album was featured on Earshot’s top ten electronic chart. 

MacLeans’ distinctively haunting vocals were featured on U.S Girls’ track “Rosebud” which was featured on Pitchfork’s best new track. Maclean recently shared a stage with U.S Girls’ at the established Polaris Prize Awards. Waves that Stray is now working hard on brand new material. They are music making engines and certainly one to watch.

Waves That Stray now includes Gabriel Maciel and Ezra Perlman. They use samples, synth and electronic drums to create lush soundscapes.

Waves That Stray’s self-titled album is available on all streaming platforms.